Neverwinter Reborn

Castle Never - Ghouls and Zombies

Baern finds some interesting tomes on the shelves and takes them with him. The party goes back downstairs to check out the area around the treasury. We encounter some eddercaps; they seem nonaggressive but not smart enough to be helpful. We come to a door barricaded with furniture. After removing the barricade, we enter and see a ghoul sitting in a chair reciting poetry. He attacks us and tries to eat us, as do several other ghouls who pop up from behind a bookshelf. We kill all of them. There’s a door in this room that looks very much like the treasury door. Ovid tries to pick the lock but gets an electric shock. Udonnan doesn’t want to teleport in case there’s something bad inside. The door definitely has two locks though.

The party goes to check out undead activity around castle graveyard, likely related to Thay lady. After ineptly trying to sneak past undead sentries, we go into a tomb in the back of the graveyard. This tomb leads into a cave system, which we wander around in. One branch of the cave leads up to a trapdoor with heavy weight on it. Udonnan teleports up with Grumbar (While teleporting, he notices a strange distortion of local field, possibly caused by anti-teleport spells on treasury). The trapdoor is the one in the atrium with the statue on it. Udonnan and Grumbar move the statue and rejoin the party.

The party continues on and finds a door ajar. Ovid peers through and sees two zombies. As the party fights them, they hear shouts coming from a nearby room. Ovid ties the doors to this room shut, so they can deal with one group of enemies at a time. Once the first fight is over, the party opens the doors and sees a room with a portal and several different types of undead, one of which looks quite burly. Join us next week for the next exciting installment!



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