Neverwinter Reborn

Castle Never - Room Full of Undead

Picking up where we left off last week, the party proceeds into the large basement room full of undead. Baern, after kicking open the door, disappears in some weird quantum rift and is replaced for this week only by Faern, a pacifist dwarven healer. Faern activates the scroll of protection against undead which creates an Aura 2 around him for the rest of the encounter, making it significantly easier than it would have been otherwise. The undead consist of an undead knight, two burly zombies, a wight and half a dozen skeletons. In the far corner of the room is a portal – it was described in the notes found last week in a side room off the main undead room. The wight almost makes it into the portal to alert Valindra (evidently the Thay rival mentioned by Chernanog) but is pulled back and cruelly kicked repeatedly into a pit by various members of the party. The zombies are killed a couple of times but keep getting back up, until Faern announces that only fire or radiant damage will end them. A few attacks along these lines finish the fight.

The undead knight is wearing a helmet with glowing green gems in it. Grumbar pulls it off the knight’s head and is happy to learn it is a Helm of Seven Deaths, which gives him some useful powers and allows him to trap souls of living enemies.

Because it’s been a long day, the party decides to head up to the top of the library tower and take an extended rest.



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