Neverwinter Reborn

Spooky Stuff

Shen, another agent of Netheril in the Neverwinter region, paid a visit to Ovid the night after the Shards were returned. He questioned Ovid’s judgement in letting the shards fall out of their grasp, as the empire of Netheril is quite interested in collecting any and all items of magic power. He said that he’ll return in 4 days with a ‘posse’ and expects Ovid to participate in the raid of the Shrine of Selune. Additionally, he gives Ovid a communication gem (made from an Eladrin artifact) to maintain contact.

Ovid runs to tell Baern and Odonan what’s up, before tipping off at the Selune shrine. Lady Jasmine seems unconcerned with the impending raid, repeatedly assuring Ovid that they can “handle a few shadows”.

Meanwhile, Grumbar tips off the Sons of Alagondar to the presence of powerful magic artifacts ripe for the taking in the Shrine of Selune. Arlon Bladeshaper the leader of the Nasher faction of the Sons, makes a similar promise to take possession of the Shards, with a similar timeframe. How exciting.

The next day the Halloween episode happens. The party raids a devil infested house, ends up in a pocket plane of some kind, and kills a bunch of devils. Eldon refuses the advances and temptations of Asmodeus’s cult, and the party returns to Neverwinter no worse for wear.

Inside the house, however, they did find a pair of singed dog tags belonging to a Mintarn Mercenary as well as a key with the emblem of the House of Knowledge. Possible clues related to the presence of the Asmodeus cult within Neverwinter?! (Yes)



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