Centuries ago, the underground city of Gauntlgrym stood as a shining beacon of Dwarven civilization in northern Faerun. The capital of the Delzoun Nation, it was perhaps the greatest city ever built. Then, in the chaos of Netheril’s fall, the defenses of Gauntlgrym were broken and hordes of orcs swept in, sacking the city. Human civilizations rose nearby, leading to looters and squatters in the once-glorious mithral halls. Then Mind Flayers and other denizens of the Underdark moved in, and eventually Gauntlgrym was lost to the mists of history.

But dwarves have long memories. In the last couple decades, dwarves across the north with the blood of Delzoun running through their veins have received ghostly visions of their ancestors begging them to find Gauntlgrym and restore its glory.

Separating fact from fiction in regards to Gauntlgrym is difficult, but one thing is known for certain: The lost dwarf hold is somewhere near Neverwinter, most likely under The Crags or The Sword Mountains. Hundreds of Dwarves have traveled to the Neverwinter region since the visions began, seeking their ancestral home. Many have lost their lives to the dangers of the region and most have lost their fortunes, beggared by the mad search. But their efforts have left behind a scattered, conflicting trail of clues and hints towards Gauntlgrym’s location. It is only a matter of time until the next dwarf puts it all together.

What the Party Knows

  • Baern is one of the chosen dwarves, an Heir of Delzoun ‘blessed’ with a ghostly vision and command to find the lost city. Perhaps he can leverage his position as a Cleric of Oghma, god of Knowledge, to discover the facts about Gauntlgrym’s location. If only the Hall of Knowledge in Neverwinter was more…accessible.


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