Neverwinter Reborn

Cloak and Dagger and also Barbarian Werewolves

Ovid has managed to come up with a story to throw Shen off his scent. He’s decided to try to convince Shen that he’s a member of the Heirs of Karsus, a group interested in succeeding where Karsus failed. Ovid intends to claim that he is only using the Temple of Selune as a catspaw, and that he will reclaim the Shards of Selune once his plan comes to fruition.

To make this more convincing, he borrows a Shard from Lady Jasmine, to make it look like he still has complete control of them. He summons Shen to Baern’s house, with the rest of the party hiding a few rooms over in case reinforcements are needed, and tells Shen this story. Somehow Shen buys it, and a showdown with Lady Jasmine over the Shards of Selune is averted.

While the party still has the shard, they decide to put it to good use. They return to the portal in the River District, bypassing the orc tollbooth by making their way through the sewers. They reactivate it with the shard – it seems to have more stabilizing power now than it did when they first took it.

As before, the portal opens on a forest scene. The area is scattered with ruins, and Ovid recognizes them as ancient Netherese. Since none of them can identify the location, Eldon uses Talk to Animals on a bird and learns that the nearest human place is “13 miles away, into the rising sun and a little away”. (i.e., 13 miles east-southeast or east-northeast). The only town that could meet this description is Conyberry, on the far side of the forest. The party consults Horsefax, obtains travelling horses and stocks up for a multi-day ride.

They reach the town uneventfully, but the town itself seems a little strange. It’s a small farming village with a few dozen houses, but the inhabitants look much more like barbarians than farmers. The party seeks shelter in the basement of one of the many abandoned houses, finding signs of werewolves there. They move to another house and find the same thing. They realize that the villagers are in fact werewolf barbarians and decide to enter the forest as soon as possible to get away from them.



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