Neverwinter Reborn

Shards of Selune: River and Chasm

The Party resumed their search the next morning, first traveling to the Orc-occupied River District. After grudgingly paying the toll at a checkpoint, the head to the heart of the district where Ovid has an…experience. The floating Shard of Night just happens to be thick (thick!) with Netherese magic, and after a fashion Ovid is able to summon a stairway of shadows up to the tower. The rest of the party, while their roguish companion was entranced, confirmed with the local orcs that the shard of Selune fell onto the floating tower. How convenient!

In the tower, making use of his Netheril heritage and a few bald-faced lies, Ovid is able to convince the resident shadow wraith guardians to allow him to carry the shard away for ‘repair’. Apparently the shard was being employed as an anchor for a portal between Neverwinter and a ruin within the Neverwinter Wood. Through the portal, Ovid is able to catch sight of a Netherese ruin, perhaps the location he was sent to find in the area before going AWOL.

After a short break, the party descends into the sewers of Neverwinter as a shortcut to the location of the third and final shard: Near the Chasm in the ruined quarter of the city. Through teamwork the party is able to traverse the sewers with only one minor scuffle with the plaguechanged denizens and a near fatal fall on the part of Grumbar. He was only trying to help. The third shard is recovered with little additional fanfare.

Upon returning to Baern’s home to recover, the party engages in a hearty debate over returning the shards to the Clerics of Selune. The shards contain a significant amount of magical power and could be sold at a premium or used for other purposes. Grumbar brings up the innocent idea of using them as a dirty bomb to wreck havoc on Neverember’s forces in the city. For example. However, in the end the party decides to honor their commitments and returns the shards the next morning for ample rewards from the clerics of Selune.



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