Neverwinter Reborn

Various plot developments

Udonan Moonshadow is on a multi-day trek back to the Eladrin encampment, carrying the body of the dead Eladrin. He is unable to help the party in achieving their various goals this week.

Grumbar stirs up more support and now has about 15 disciples. Arlon Bladeshaper is starting to see him as a real threat to his own faction of the Sons of Alagondar.

Eldon is summoned to a visit with the leader of the Harpers. Although he’s in disgrace due to his part in the death of Cymril, they offer him a chance to regain his standing – he must observe Grumbar and report his activities to the Harpers. They’ve heard that Grumbar is becoming a strong political figure and they want to make sure they’re aware of any developments.

Baern does a little research and finds the bronze dodecahedron has been owned and studied by many scholars. The most recent document he can find was written just before the cataclysm, and mentions a scholar living in the Crags. Her house may or may not have been destroyed by the cataclysm – a field trip will be necessary to determine her fate.

Ovid is working on rousing up some rabble to go and attack the Netherese at Xinlenal. Since the orcs are a large, untapped resource, he decides to try and make an alliance with them. The party enters the orc part of town and asks directions to the orc leader. They are told that the leader, Varsi, uses the Cloaktower as her base, so they make their way there.

Baern remembers from his history lessons that this tower was once owned by a mage society named the Many-Starred Cloak, who disappeared during the Spellplague. Only their cloaks remained, but they occasionally came to life and strangled anyone who tried to inhabit the tower. The orcs seem to be getting along with no trouble, though, so perhaps the magic has worn off the cloaks.

Varsi and the other orcs are obviously trying hard to act civilized – the orc encampments are neatly organized, and Varsi visibly quiets her irritation while talking to the party. She tells them that she cannot respect them as allies until they prove their prowess, possibly by killing some monsters from the chasm. The party obliges by bringing her the head of a large worm-thing, and they make a shaky alliance with the orcs that might be useful later.



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